Long Beach Sunset Shoot – July 21, 2017

Have any of you ever been to the Racho El Cerritos Historic Site? I haven’t either before this week and I just visited the area twice! It’s such a beautiful area. The second time was to shoot with my friend Frank who was the photographer of this week’s photo shoot. While I am someone who is not new to modeling or being a model for shoots, I am starting my portfolio from scratch again and the shots we took are definitely a great set to start with.

My experience that day was very much a positive one. It was so much fun, and challenging at times with the sunset getting in my eyes. We decided to go by the train tracks to shoot and it was at such a perfect angle from the sunset (hard on the eyes though, fair warning). We started around 7PM and the wonderful thing about it being the summer is that the sun didn’t set fully til later and the heat has gone down from earlier’s 80 average. Frank and I got pretty creative with working around with what we had since we didn’t leave our area until the shoot was done. There was even a ledge where I managed to shoot one of the photos and what you don’t see is that I was quite a distance above the lower ground. I had to carefully sit myself on that ledge with my feet wearing heels just dangling below. The shot came out fantastic and I remember being happy that I wasn’t all that fearful of heights to keep me from reaching to the spot.

20229015_866327293523003_1586560062112266777_nIn regards to the photographer, Frank is a really great person to work with. He is definitely someone I would go back to as often as I can and even suggest starting models to go to take shots with. Frank has a great sense of lighting and mind for poses. He also has a lot of knowledge about the work he does and mind you, he has been a photographer since his high school years and has made a career out of photography. Outside photography, he has great advice for models and those striving to be models full time — he’s very trustworthy and he’s the type of person who looks out for his models’ and keeps their best interests in mind. Other than that, he’s a friendly, funny guy who shows genuine interest in others and he’s an all around pleasant person to work with.



Lastly, the location seems to have a lot of potential for any future work. I’ve taken shots there before taking some with Frank and so I recognize that the location would be a place I may come to often. There’s so much green, which I love, and with a creative mind, anything can be a great addition to portraits or scenic photos. Just notice the on-scene objects that were used as props for the photos. Parking is easy to find and it’s generally peaceful for that one-on-one business if needed. Of course, around the area there are homes and business to always be mindful about but as long as you go in and out without leaving anything behind but footsteps, it shouldn’t be a problem.


So that concludes my shoot for July 21st 2017 and I hope to be booking some more to share here along the way. More photos can be seen at my ModelMayhem page, OneModelPlace, Instagram and Google Photos links. Any feedback would be much appreciated!