about this site

writing essentially is more than a hobby– it is life. it is that sigh of relief after every stressful moment. it is that fresh breath of air after being in polluted air for so long. i overthink things and these thoughts become writing that seems to never stop coming about. sometimes repetitive, sometimes pointless, sometimes without a clear meaning or message. when i let my thoughts roam free, the most interesting things come about to me. 

often times aggressive, writing has been the best outlet. sometimes depressive, i’ve learned that i cannot live without it. 

harsh self-critic, but it works for me to keep trying to beat myself in my own competition. i share the good, the bad, the shitty, the pointless, and the ugly. i often share less than what i actually write on my pages but that’s due to personal choices and eventually some more is shared when it feels right.

not meant to be appreciated by others, but if you appreciate it, i appreciate you. 

this website is meant to share all of my projects, writing and non-writing as well.

sending love from the city of compton

– sorieano

note: everything posted on this site is property of sorieano.com — nothing from this site can be reposted or shared without credit AND redirect link to sorieano.com